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The Microbiota experts

Today, scientific research has finally unveiled the microbiota as a real organ with complex and key functions for the whole human body.

Since 1995, BROMATECH has been active in the nutritional field as a specialized laboratory for research and development of targeted dietary supplements based on strain-specific lactic acid bacteria, vitamins, and fatty acids capable of interacting in a focused manner with the valuable asset of the human microbiome.

Our commitment is to be a reference point for all health professionals, providing cutting-edge products along with 360° consulting and training on the world of the microbiota.

Science and expertise at the service of healthcare professionals

We work together with an extensive network of doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, nurses, complementary therapists and many other health professionals. These specialists, through their experiences, have allowed us to gain enormous experience in real practice with lactic acid bacteria.

This know-how reflects our two founding pillars:

Developing natural formulations based on selected lactic acid bacteria, which are able to interact with the human microbiota in a targeted manner.

Supporting health professionals by providing effective practical solutions and strengthening their expertise in the world of the microbiota.

Consulting, training and international presence

Healthcare professionals have the opportunity to engage training activities and to get support from our scientific advisory team in Switzerland.

Are you a health professional? You can access your own dedicated area where you can contact the nearest Bromatech consultant, receive scientific documents and remain updated about our training activities.

Are you a consumer? Discover our formulations by going back in the Products section, or browse through our in-depth information in the Microbiota area, or in the FAQ section.

In accordance with Swiss and international law, all BROMATECH products, before being put on the market, must ensure the highest quality standards in terms of:

Appropriate blend
Vitality of bacteria
Resistance to gastric transit
Clinical safety
Adhesion and interaction with the gut microbiota

In Switzerland our lactic acid bacteria food supplements are available in all pharmacies and drugstores: for more informations about the product or the most suitable supplementation, you can ask your pharmacist, your doctor or any other trusted health professional. And if they don't know us yet, please suggest that they contact us for all the information they may need.

For further information, questions, or for commercial contacts in Switzerland or abroad, please write to us using the contact form available on the Contact us page. We will be delighted to help you!